It’s that time again where my industry is coming together to acknowledge all the great things that were created this past year with both the AVN & Xbiz awards.

I’m saying this every year but, every year it’s the same deal and, to be honest, I’m always super surprised when I see that I’m in nomination.  I’m mostly surprised because with every new starting year, I give myself all these goals that sometimes happens but sometimes not.  Like a normal human, my mind often stick on the unaccomplished tasks instead of the one I did accomplished which always leaves me with the same feeling of slight disappointment and unfulfillment.  Then again, I realize that this is my own personal issue to deal with.

All negative thoughts aside, I’m absolutely head over heels to know that I received two nominations, again this year, on both AVN & Xbiz which leads me to believe that I’m just an overall “negative Nancy” and I clearly don’t see all the good I do.

Like every year, some Xbiz categories are open to fan voting and if you think I deserve to be acknowledged for the work I do, please go vote (daily if you want) for me, using this link.  Also don’t forget to tweet your vote, if you have a twitter.

Talking about twitter, do you follow me?

Make sure to also look at the incredible list of nominations for both AVN Awards & Xbiz Awards 2017.  These are some seriously hard working people, full of creative talent that deserve to be acknowledge so vote for your favorite peeps and buy tickets to the award show if you’re in the Las Vegas area around January.  As a real fan who likes our industry and us performers, it’s your duty to keep encouraging us to make more scenes you like and the only way to do so it’s to pay for your porn.  I’m so sorry that we live is such capitalistic world but that’s how the world works and we cannot keep making beautiful stuff if the general mentality is that porn should be free… cough, cough tube sites.

On this… Subscribe to our membership websites, buy goodies off your favorite performer’s wishlist and come see your online crushes at the various conventions happening all around the world.  Every pennies count and every loving fans count to.

Now repeat after me:  I GOT THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

…One website subscription at the time.