This feminist movement have been around since 2007 from what I can gather but started to seriously buzz all over the web in 2014/2015.  The idea behind this furry, colourful display is to give back to women the control over their own bodies.

Some sort of silent and friendly “protest” to claim back our rights to be mammals, have hair and not being constraint by this male ideal of the hairless woman.  Ok, I can deal with that and sort of understand but that’s still not something I would do.

Personally, I would be too scared of messing up my white shirts and I cant stand the feeling of the moisture getting trapped under my armpits, smelling awful and feeling drenched.

But…. Girl Power! ….I guess o_O

My naughty mind cant help but wonder what the armpit fetish affectionado think of this new trend that seem to making it’s way to big hollywood names like Miley Cyrus?  Do you guys think it’s the hottest thing ever or it’s just weird?