Ahhh there is really no place like home…  Many of you have been following my tweets so you all know that I was gone but for the others who were wondering why this blog didn’t had any updates well let me confirm to you that I wasn’t dead but only gone on vacation for a big 12 days in the beautiful country of Mexico.  I have to admit that I didn’t had the best vacation I thought I was going to have because the resort I went too was not very good and the people in the resort were beyond annoying with absolutely no class what so ever…  either way I’m still glad I had to get away from 12 days and bring back some nice photos and a crazy nice tan 😛  It also made me realized how I love my home and missed my furry family and I think that in the end, its the most important.

It felt so weird to open my computer this morning to be back on my regular geek mode… I have to say that I missed that too and the calling of Photoshop is INTENSE!  Lucky for me I have a ton of websites to designs in the upcoming weeks and months!  yoohoo!

I don’t know about you but I love these sky photos… I took those on my way back from Mexico and every time I look at them it’s making me feel like I’m flying… what about you?