Good and Happy New Year once again everyone 🙂

It’s crazy that we are already in 2013 and I know I say this every year but, my gosh time is passing by FAST!  I almost feel that if I go to bed tonight, I’ll wake up tomorrow and we’ll already be in 2014.  I kind of cant wait to get there actually because first: 14 is my favorite number and Rebels Own the Net will be online with a TON of websites because this year is going to be launch, launch and launch for us.  Anyways let’s start by going through 2013 and not worry about 2014 too much even tho I know both years are going to be awesome. 😛

I hope you guys had a fun time with all your loved ones?!  It was fun on my side, a mix of friendly dinners and family reunions… Nothing much to say except that I had fun seeing everybody again and it’s always some nice quality time that I’m looking for every year.  🙂  Santa was very nice with me because he bought me a new computer!!  Mine have been fucking up a LOT lately and it’s been months that I wanted to buy a new one but always pushed it more and more… well I’m glad waited because in 7 day exactly I’ll be blogging and photoshoping from a brand new i7 super powerful!   Ok agreed, there is more powerful these days but I’m still on a first generation 4core with barely enough memory to open my big designs on photoshop so for me that’s a great update.  Also for what I do on it… i7 with 8mb of raw that I will crank to 16mb will be perfect.  #CantWait

So these pics are my first strip tease for you guys in 2013!!  Pretty exciting isn’t it? 😛  I’m hoping to have more time to come here and blog more about life like  used to do compare to what I have blogged for you in 2012 but it always depend on how much work I have to do.  I always try to do my best and come here but my VIP blog is always my priority when I’m busy so maybe some of you should make the switch from free blog to vip blog this year?! …I think that could be a good resolution 😛 hehe #ShamelessPlug

Mines are to blog more often, shoot more photos and videos for my website, post more recipes on and hopefully travel more but that last part I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it but I’m still putting it in the idea hat.  Keep your fingers crossed for me? 🙂

Ok so to finish this blog, I will wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR once again, may this year be full of love, lust, sex, happiness, good health and everything else you desire 🙂  Remember that life goes fast and you should try to live everyday to the fullest 🙂  Make sure to come back tomorrow to check out my second strip tease for you this year and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER and on FACEBOOK!!

Love you guys

Ariel xoxoxoxox