I’ve been wanting to share this story for quit a while but never got around to do it..  It’s very inspiring and I’m sure you guys will find it extremely cute too.  I’ve been called a lot of things in my career (mostly good stuff no worries lol) but being a matchmaker is the first time and it’s such an honor…  Read this incredible story and you’ll see how cute and amazing it is 🙂


Chere Ariel,

You have a new title to add to the many superlatives you already have such as: Most Beautiful Woman on the Web, or Best Single Girl Website (I think that was the award you recently received). You can add Matchmaker to the list of praises you deserve!

When my wife was killed by that (deleted expletive) drunk driver, I did not think I would ever know that kind of love again but about eight months ago I was in a Starbucks enjoying some Chai tea (I, too am addicted) I had your face as my iPad wallpaper and a woman walked by and saw it and said, “That’s Ariel Rebel, I love her!” I was surprised to say the least so I invited her to join me for a cup of chai and one thing led to another and we started seeing each other and reading your blogs together and enjoying your pics and videos and enjoying what comes after and now eight months later, we just got back from our honeymoon.

I have you to thank for our encounter because if i did not have your picture (Ironically, it was one of your blooper pics but I loved your smile in it) on my wallpaper, she would have just gone by and we would have never met.

She follows your blog without missing an entry and she read how you jumped on Max and when she got home from work, she attacked me the same way and MON DIEU!!! I came so hard my ears popped! I guess I can thank you for that, too. I gave her a worthy response as I hope Max did for you! :-D

I thank you for my wife, Ariel. You’re the best!!! :-)



That’s the first message I received and there is more happening to the story.  His new wife, that he met because of me, is now pregnant with a little girl and they asked me if they could name her “Ariel” because of me.  Since it’s my photos that brought them together they are giving me this incredible honor.

Like you can imagine, I am honored and really moved by what happened.  I wish them a life of love and happiness of course I’m really excited to see the little Ariel in a couple of months 🙂  She is due to come to this work in February and if you want, I’ll keep you guys posted on what’s happening with her.

Last thing, I would have never thought my photos would have created a couple… I know I bring a lot of happiness (sexual and non sexual) to a lot of people because they tell me but this is the pick of the iceberg!  I’m flattered, surprised, honored and it fill my heart with such joy…  it’s moments like this that makes me love my job even more 🙂