Ever since I’ve threw my PC computer at the window, about two years ago, and bought a MacBookPro, all the sexy .gif I published were done with Adobe Premiere Pro.  Only today I learned that Premiere Pro CC doesn’t offer the creation of .gif for Mac users which made me a little sad.

Luckily, before loosing my cool, I was able to find an article on the Adobe forum stating that it was super easy to make them in Photoshop CC so that’s what I did.  Knowing how easy it is to make them, I’m thinking we need an actual day to post .gif on the site.  Any suggestions for a catchy name that would make also a good hashtag?

These small animations were created with the LIVE iPhone images Max shot me, in the action, the other day and I’m pretty happy of the results beside the terrible image quality but it was early in the morning so give me a break.


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