Ok where should I start!

I meant to post this blog MUCH SOONER but we experienced some servers and websites problems in the past weeks so it was kind of complicated…  Hopefully, this is all behind us and I can be back on a more regular blogging for you guys…

So at the end of June/beginning of July, I was in Budapest in Hungary to film my first hardcore lesbian scenes with the well known production company Dorcel.  I got to say that it’s never something I really planned from the beginning of my career but when the occasion arrived in front of me, it was hard to refuse it.  I’ve been wanting a life of travel and adventure for a while now and I thought it would be a good start.  At the beginning of my adult career, I used to travel a lot more and attend all the different adult conventions and party all around the globe but since I started working on Rebels Own the Net and taking care of my amazing RebelGirls… Well let’s just say that I have tremendously reduced my traveling schedule.

It was fun to be shipped all across the ocean, in a country I had never seen before to go fuck some of the most gorgeous girls of this world.  Many times, I told myself how weird it is to actually be paid to do such fun job.  I would almost do it for free to be honest but everybody got to eat right? ahahah


One of the first thing I noticed when I got out of the airport is how minimal the security is! … I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but I barely had any security checks from the time I got out of the plane and the time I got out of the airport.  You have to understand that I’m used to the Canadian and American customs that are quit crazy so it just felt weird to be able to enter a country that easy.  There was a guy who was suppose to come pick me up but I had no idea what he looked like and where was he suppose to come get me.  For a few minutes before he arrived (because he ended up being late) my heart was pounding in my chest and I wondered what the hell was I going to do ahah… I didnt know how to pronounce the address of my hotel and I had no idea where it was…  Lucky for me, at one point I saw a sign with my name on it and went for it.  The guy was nice, apologized to be late and told me we had to go get a few other girls at the train station.

I was in the back of his car, looking at the nice scenery that Budapest offered me… I loved every seconds.  I was enjoying the nice breeze in the back of the car and looked at the gorgeous architecture in front of my eyes.  This is one of the things that enjoy the most of European cities, every streets and every buildings has a deep history and you can really feel it.  Of course there is this type of old buildings in Montreal too but it’s really not the same.  Most of Montreal have fairly new buildings and even our oldest here is not even comparable to what we can see in Europe.  I felt like I was transported on another planet, discovering Budapest for the first time from the back of the taxi was an awesome experience.


Although the taxi ride was fun, I was dead tired…  I didn’t had the chance to really sleep on the plane because I was having such an interesting conversation with my seat neighbor about food and wine while drinking champagne.  Life is so well planned sometime and the guy sitting beside me actually wrote a few cooking/wine books, won prices and was going to France to go over all the wineries he likes for his second book.  Obviously when I heard that, I gave him my cooking blog url and it started a whole conversation on food.

When we finally arrived at my hotel and I was able to get in my room, the only thing on my mind was a good shower, some fun time with my toys (I had just bought new ones and thought they needed a “test drive”) then a bit of exploring of my surroundings.  The hotel was almost empty.  The week before, they had a huge flood and had to close to fix the place.  The week I was there, the hotel looked awesome, a little bit in the middle of nowhere but it had an awesome and relaxing vibe to it.  Here’s what my room looked like, I also had a private balcony where I enjoyed a nice cold beer after my shower.



I filmed a vlog for my official website where I was saying how good looking this room was and how excited I was to maybe be able to film some solo content for my site but I ended up being so tired every day that I couldn’t filmed even one!!  I was so mad at myself at the end of the trip for not shooting one solo masturbation movie in this room but again I really couldn’t 🙁  The whole time I was in Budapest I felt super jet lagged so I wasn’t able to sleep at night because 2am over there is 8pm in my brain and we woke up at 5:30 – 6am everyday to be on set for 7-8am.  In the total of my week I think I’ve slept maybe 14 to 18h.

Beside the fact that I barely slept during this week I had a BLAST!!  It was fun to meet everybody for the first time around a good dinner that night.  For years I had been chatting on twitter and via email to the sexy Nephael and it was amazing to finally be able to meet her face to face.  In all the people I’ve met during my trip, she was my favorite one.


Dont take me wrong, I LOVED everybody over there but I guess it’s because Nephael and I have been chatting for years now that it was just so much more emotional for me to meet her.  We really got along super well and had fun taking a few drinks in my room after our long shooting days to chat about life, biz and pretty much anything.  One thing you might know or not about her, she has an awesome sens of humor and she always end up saying something that makes people laugh.  A gorgeous girl inside and out seriously.  I miss her so much already.


…Then there was the crew 😛  On the photo above, starting from the left you have: Lola Reve, witch is brand new to this industry.  She was already enjoying being a swinger with her boyfriend and one of her friend got her in to porn… It’s not something that surprise me from the French.. they are very big on these type of things and I feel like most people are hornier. Definitely, the French have perverted minds… that’s the way we all love them right? 😉 ahah

Herve Boilli, who was the producer of the movies I’ve shot.  He’s super sweet and once I got to meet him face to face I more understood the jokes he likes to do.  When we first started to exchange emails about the possibility of me going to shoot with him, he told me about wanting to make me swim with sharks and a bunch of random stuff that I just wasn’t sure if he was serious of not… Ended up that I didn’t swim with sharks (thanks god) because he’s just always joking around.  It made me super comfortable from the start and made this experience even better.  Really a great guy to be working with.

Then you got me… ahah… we’re you able to recognize me with all that makeup?! ahah …. and beside me you have Anissa Kate witch has been in this industry for quit a while now and plan on launching her own website soon!!  I’ll obviously keep you posted on that news but once again, she was super sweet.  It’s with her that I filmed my first ever scene and she made the whole thing super cool.  Oh and I got to say that she really has a fun pussy to eat ahah 😛  I just had to say it 😉


Now on this photo you obviously have Lola, Anissa and I but right in the front you have a pretty famous porn actor; Mike Angelo witch is adorable and super funny.  He kind of look like Max don’t you guys think? 😛

We really had fun joking around on set together.  It was my first time being on a set where I was able to chat with female and male porn actors and I got to say that the over ambiance is a lot different than when you only have girls around.  I also enjoyed perving on Mike fucking Anissa like an animal!  Ohh it was soo hot! ahah

So that’s pretty much it for the overview 🙂  Stay tuned for some future posts with some photo and video shoots samples!!

love xxx