ahahaha I love this photo candid from the last webcam show I have done with my best friend Melody Kush.  She’s actually holding something to spank but from here it’s looking like a knife! LOL  I just thought it was too hilarious I had to post it 😛

Hope you guys have a great week end so far, yesterday Max gave me 2 plane tickets for Mexico and I’ll be going on vacation from July 9 to 19!!!  I CANT WAIT because I think I’m getting close to the end of the rope.  My last vacation was in last September and it’s almost been a year that I’ve been running everywhere like a crazy person.  It’s gonna be nice to be in paradise for a big 10 days where the only thing I have to think is: eat, drink, sleep and SHOOT!!  I’ll be back with a TON of candids and some great photo sets and videos for my official website.  The hotel I’m going to have internet so I might be able to tweet some photos here and there 🙂

Fellow Canadians, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to celebrate Canada day, I think you’ll be liking it 😛  On this I love you all, sending you all a ton of kisses and hug and if you need some entertainment go check out my site and if after pleasuring yourself you’re getting hungry, visit my cooking blog for some inspirations and great recipes!