No no, no no.. I didn’t forget!  Actually, I was waiting for the best moment  #wink to come back and today seem to be the best time to come post my second tease of 2013 like I promise you a few days ago…  😛  lol  So the updates are finally back on my official website and I’m hoping to be able to keep up with everything better this time (I feel like a broken record when I say this) but it’s always a bit complicated when I take care of everything else for Rebels Own the Net.  I think I should stop saying that forever and just change subject… 😛

Hope you guys had a great week end btw 😉 …tomorrow I’m shooting new stuff for my site and I’ll probably be tweeting some behind the scenes so make sure you either follow me on twitter or you check out my moby account often to see what’s new 😛  On this I hope you enjoy this second tease of 2013 and I’ll chat with you real soon 😛

Love xxx