It felt so weird… I haven’t shot anything for my website in MONTHS (literally) and I have to say that I felt a bit nervous before starting the first set.  I was also wondering how the blond hair would look on an actual professional photo shoot and not only candids here and there.  Good news, the photos came out AWESOME and I’m super excited to shoot more tomorrow and again this upcoming week.  My goal is to shoot enough content for the next few months so I can take another break of shooting and keep working on my upcoming websites under Rebels Own the Net.

Talking about website under the Rebel brand, This upcoming week is for the final tweaking and for me to load all the content in to the server.  Now let’s hope that by early next week, we’ll have something ready to beta test and for you to sign up 🙂   Let’s all cross our fingers together would you?

Have a great week end guys 🙂

Ariel xoxoxox