I dont get to travel that often since my job is primarily my official website but, when I do, it’s a very special moment.  The crew from Dorcel recently invited me to come visit them for a few days to shoot and rediscover Paris after leaving it behind me 15years ago.

When I was a teenager, my mom had accepted a job in Paris and we moved there her and I.  She stayed at that job for two years and a half but I only stayed with her for 3 months, unable to adapt to my new life and new schooling system.  Looking back on this moment of my life, I realize that I made many mistakes and was clearly not realizing the incredible chance I had in front of me.  Like any rebelling teenager, my eyes were close to all the grandiose adventures unfolding in front of me which made me miss this chance.

Anyhow…. it was great to be back in France to re-connect with the city of light, admire the Eiffel Tower once again, meet some incredible fans and obviously shoot new amazing stuff for Dorcel’s DVDs but also DorcelClub.com.

I don’t know if you are up to date on what happened last time I worked for Dorcel?  Here’s a few little reminders (just in case you’re curious).





If you remember those scenes and you liked them, I can absolutely say that you will LOVE what’s coming next because it’s even more twisted and hotter than the scenes you’ve already seen of me.  I’m super excited to announce more but for the moment, enjoy these few little candids (there is a lot more to see once you subscribe to my website) of my trip to Paris.  AND… if you look at my Instagram account, I posted a few other ones.