Sex Toys or Beauty Products?

I’m amused and confused by this video…. How come the gay guy didn’t realize that he was playing with an anal toy?  o_O

Something disturbing I learned today…
8 years ago

Something disturbing I learned today…

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Ok, bare with me….

Here I was; happy, giggly and full of joy telling Max about the big realization I just had on …
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46 Funny Statue Sex Photos…
14 years ago

46 Funny Statue Sex Photos…


This is a good example on how we are all the same on this planet… lol We mostly all do the same kind of jokes and have the same kind of crazy ideas… Some are naughtier than others… lol Here’s a good idea,  fucking statues hihihi  I’m sure you have done this at least once in your life! lol

Post you pic if you have some!


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