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Thank you so much again for the wishlist goodies!!
8 years ago

Thank you so much again for the wishlist goodies!!

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Happy Monday everyone!

Once again I have received a shipment of awesome gifts that were purchased on my wishlist 1 and 2!!  I have to admit that I don’t know what to say… I’m being spoiled so much these days and I have so many new fun stuff to play with and decorate my house it’s awesome and I’m extremely grateful. 🙂

 Here’s a few photos of what I got in the mail, don’t worries if you’re gift is not in there yet, I still haven’t been to my po box…  This is going to be a next week deal 🙂

This camera is AMAZING!  I was searching for a new portable cam because my Sony NEX5 is quit big to bring with me when I go out clubbing with my girls or on trip…  This new small Sony cam is fixing all my portability problems and it shoot awesome photos!!  That’s the cam I brought with me last time I went out with Alicia Pop and Melody Kush.  Click Here to see the photos we took that night.

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