The mask of james henry

Behind the scenes photos of “The Mask of James Henry”
11 years ago

Behind the scenes photos of “The Mask of James Henry”


I had the chance to work with the crew of Digger Films the other day for a short horror flick they are producing for a contest.  I was EXTREMLY nervous at the beginning of the shoot (so much that my whole body was shaking) and after an hour, all my nervousness was gone because they are such a friendly team that I fell like I was just having fun with my friends.


Amazing experience, amazing people and kick ass project!  The movie should be online next week and I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted on when everything will be ready for you to see 🙂  For the moment, let me tease you a bit with some behind the scene photos that was taken at the shoot.  I’m feeling, this is the beginning of a long friendship…  …to celebrate the event, I created a category just for them on this blog… 🙂


Enjoy the pics

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