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5 things I’ve learned in the last decade…
8 years ago

5 things I’ve learned in the last decade…

Today is special.

Because I’m “celebrating” …or agonizing over (not sure yet) about living my last few hours as a 20 something year old.  Soon, it wont be ok for me to sleep with my makeup on or get sick in the bushes, at a party.  I’ll become that “cool” older gal that still party like in her 20′s and hang out with a few, very mature for their age, 20 something year olds.  As frightening as it might sound, getting one year older isn’t so much of a freak out in my mind as I might portrait on twitter.

Am I nervous? Maybe a little but mixed in an excitement to see what this new chapter of my life will be like.  As I’m about to make the jump to the age where it’s acceptable to hang out in 35-40 (that’s the age range if you’re wondering) nightclubs, I’m looking back on what I learned in the last 10 years and here’s what I got up to date…

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