Colourful Armpits are now a thing…
6 years ago

Colourful Armpits are now a thing…

This feminist movement have been around since 2007 from what I can gather but started to seriously buzz all over the web in 2014/2015.  The idea behind this furry, colourful …
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Something disturbing I learned today…
7 years ago

Something disturbing I learned today…

By  •  Humor, WTF

Ok, bare with me….

Here I was; happy, giggly and full of joy telling Max about the big realization I just had on …
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Diaper Fetish Anyone?  …o_O
10 years ago

Diaper Fetish Anyone? …o_O

There’s a pretty interesting amount of disturbing photoshopped images online that have been based on my photos.   I think this series (yes it’s a series) is at my taste one the most disturbing and WEIRDEST I’ve seen so far…

Now, because I LOVE to laugh at myself and I have a pretty special sens of humour.. I totally see the funniness in those but don’t get me wong, they are kind of disturbing. lol

And it all started when I got this message from a fan today on twitter


The second I read that, I wondered which part of his message I found more disturbing. Was it the fact that he saw a picture of me in diapers or the fact that he liked it and wanted to see more? Hmmmm… that is the question… lol

Either way, these were totally blog worthy so here they are… you might love it or hate it but one thing for sure is that you’ll get a giggle form them.

…enjoy me in diapers… <- that sounded weird.

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46 Funny Statue Sex Photos…
12 years ago

46 Funny Statue Sex Photos…


This is a good example on how we are all the same on this planet… lol We mostly all do the same kind of jokes and have the same kind of crazy ideas… Some are naughtier than others… lol Here’s a good idea,  fucking statues hihihi  I’m sure you have done this at least once in your life! lol

Post you pic if you have some!


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