Happy Monday everyone!

Once again I have received a shipment of awesome gifts that were purchased on my wishlist 1 and 2!!  I have to admit that I don’t know what to say… I’m being spoiled so much these days and I have so many new fun stuff to play with and decorate my house it’s awesome and I’m extremely grateful. 🙂

 Here’s a few photos of what I got in the mail, don’t worries if you’re gift is not in there yet, I still haven’t been to my po box…  This is going to be a next week deal 🙂

This camera is AMAZING!  I was searching for a new portable cam because my Sony NEX5 is quit big to bring with me when I go out clubbing with my girls or on trip…  This new small Sony cam is fixing all my portability problems and it shoot awesome photos!!  That’s the cam I brought with me last time I went out with Alicia Pop and Melody Kush.  Click Here to see the photos we took that night.

…guess who’s taking a “relaxing” bath tonight with her new vibrating rubber ducky 😉

awesome tea box 🙂

Super cute and very detailed book on tea and a light that will help me fight winter depression!

This is a really cool alarm clock that will wake me up gradually like if it was the light of the sun going high in the sky.. pretty neat right?

A super cute beenie hat!  I havent taken any pics with it yet but it’s in the plan!

This awesome rabbit vibrator is waterproof!! …It might be part of tonight’s relaxing bath…

Those two lingerie set are sooo sexy!!! I’m crazy excited to shoot them for my website!! 😀

…a new chocolate mold!!  I love when my fans send me goodies to play with in the kitchen 🙂  I guess it’s time to make sweets!