I always had a thing for the nerdy type.  

Glasses, short hair and plumped, kissable lips.  There’s a little “je ne said quoi” to Burr Suicide.  She has this innocent awkward beauty all wrapped up with a strong sexual energy.

Clearly an exhibitoinist, I can attest that she’s game to do a lot of daring things in public, which is absolutely awesome but, she made me become the prude during the shoot. lol!   So we ran around for an hour or two to expose her bare breast (and some more) to the world.  It was pretty awesome and I think we connected on a few aspects.  I’m looking forward to the next time we’ll talk about life around a warm tea.

It’s going to be interesting to see her evolve, in the industry.  I hope you’ll enjoy this sexy sample of that time I took a stroll with Miss Suicide and don’t forget to check out the complete pictorial.

If you like the sweet, happy and nerdy type, check out her webcam shows and make sure to follow her on TwitterInstagram.

…you’re welcome