Ok so because many of you have asked me to keep them posted on what’s happening with Spunky here it is…

Like many of you already know, Spunky is really sick and my first week back from Hungary was spent at 2 different pet clinics, doing tests to see what was wrong with him.  It took a while but we finally know what is wrong with my puppy.  Spunky has Hemolytic Immune Mediated Anemia (HIMA) witch is basically his immune system attacking his own red blood cells.  Technically, he is suffocating slowly by the lack of oxygen in his blood and his spleen is getting bigger because of the over activity etc…  So like I’ve told the members of my official website, the prognostic is not looking so good but we are currently trying a brand new treatment that stop his immune system for the next 4 months, then we’ll try to start it again.  It might work, it might now, he might need pills his entire life to stop his immune system or not or he might just suffocate before the end of the treatment, we have no idea…  Its a really sad news but at least I feel a bit more in peace knowing that I’m doing everything in my power to make him better.  Max and I have also another treatment of vitamins and iron to give him 3 times a day to hopefully help boost the production of red blood cells in his body.

For the moment, his gums seem to be coming back to a nice pink days after days but he’s still very tired.  Spunky seem happy tho… he ask to play all the time even if he cant really play for long, he wags his tail, and started eating a little better.  I’m not sure if it’s the treatment working his appetite or the other pill we have to give him to stimulate his appetite but something seem to be working somewhere.

Thank you so much for all the support I got from my last post.  You guys really gave me back my smile and I felt your support at every step of the way.  Thank you again.